torstai 6. joulukuuta 2018


Hello and happy Independence day to all Finnish souls. I'm currently sitting on the train and roaming across the country to see my friends and spending the rest of the week elsewhere. An extempore journey is very much welcome and cheers up the mind nicely. To be honest I'm on the road also the next weekend because my granny has birthday party in Turku. It doesn't bother at all. I've spent the last few weekends quite tightly at home by doing own things so travelling gives variance. 

A few pictures and outfit from the previous weekend. 
On Friday evening me and my other half went to see indeed good cover band: Vaarallista. They played Nick Cave and Mana Mana to mention a few. Melancholic and dark lyrics with excellent female vocalist, who could complain? Unfortunately it was the cover project and they seemingly don't have any recorded songs available which is pity. I would listen to them with all my heart although the original songs are also very magnificent. 
The dress is self made and my newest creation. I have not bought or done much new clothes recently because there is no need for them. I rather spend my coins on these journeys, they give me more. (Except I bought new trainers yesterday because I was given a gift card from the work and can't wait for getting to try them.)
A few hours left until I reach the destination and a bottle of wine is waiting in the bag! I hope you all have a great weekend and see you.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting journey full of fun. I also love your new dress it's gorgeous.

    1. Travelling do feed my mind a lot. I need to get off regularly to get an inspiration and some distance to daily life.

      Thank you <3