Thursday, 6 December 2012

Soft breath

 After spending a few days in Tampere I ended up making an extempore trip to my friend's place where I spent the last night before coming to my parents' place. I have managed to travel across Finland completely but now should stay here at least a day and even another.

Today we visited rounding in vicinity and I captured  pictures from the frozen scenery at the same :

A gothic-inspired church in Kokemäki.

The outfit consisted of a brilliant red coat which is self made. I try to add red to my wardrobe after the break. Red color suits well for the darkness of winter and the color is also compatible with my skin tone. This coat I made already in the last winter but I haven't kept it before this. The hem is super huge if wearing it with a bell skirt.


  1. Mie tykkeen tuosta takista

  2. beautiful photos! but the coat :O great color and shape <3 great job!!!

    1. Oh thank you! The clolor is absolutely great!

  3. That coat is amazing! so well made. Beautiful pictures :)