Monday, 10 December 2012

The funeral of sunset

Shirt: Restyle   /   Trousers: Diy
 Trousers or they are nearly a leggins which I made during the last week.

In between times it feels that the most people are such a thrilled about Christmas. Well I have been also before but just this christmas feels that could skip over it. My first intention was to walk along the streets of Times Square in Christmas time until the reality ruined the pretty thoughts of escapist. Well at least here is coming my graduation only a couple days before the consumption of celebration which is decidedly a happy thing. I have considered taking the new ink spots on my skin as a present  but taking of them moves to the side of the next year. I have had the new tattoo ideas on my mind a long time but I want to consider these things profoundly before implementing them. A little insinuation there's coming a dead beauty with the gentle touch.


  1. Näyttää niin paljon paremmalta, ku hymyilet näissä kuvissa. Alaha tulla jo Savoon niin päästään ottaan talvikuviakin

  2. The leggings are a too pretty for words , ou did an amazing job with the print , its gorgeus with, i love the drippy parts of it.
    Hope you have fun on your gradution , and ou should totally offer yourself some new ink , the feeling offer it always makes feel fulfil. Im getting some new soon too

    1. Thank you! Yes I really hope to get some new ink soon! Hope you too :)