Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The best gifts are invisible

It's a time to introduce the gifts which I got this year. 

I bought myself over a week ago while visiting Helsinki MAC's lipstick (and liner) which is definitely awesome. (The color is matte Russian red). Usually I favor only the cheap market products but I have wanted MAC makeup since they came Finland for sale so I decided to give this one for me as a Christmas present. This second color (Longwear Endless drama) I got from my mom. Deep purple really beautiful shade ( Check out the picture below).

More cosmetics! I love Bodyshop's Vanilla series so it's always a safe choice. I have used their Vanilla  perfume for years. It's absolutely my favourite scent.

Brushes from MAC.

Sofi's book.
My secret soul brother Nemi. (Thank you Antti!)

Moomin products which I collect
Playstation 3. Don't know why this appeared from the paper because I only play the computer games nowadays and actually I try to be without playing anything 'cause they are too addictive and only steal my life. My dad already promised to buy this from me if I don't need it. But if you have some good game suggestions please don't hesitate propose!!!

In addition I got a hardboard, tripod, towels, socks, chocolate and a bottle of red wine. Material overdose. Should I keep a purchase strike in January? (I think it's impossible the sales are already waiting...  )


  1. Bioshock 1 ja 2 on kyllä molemmat ihan mahtavia. Ehdotan kokeilemaan :) Saa nykyään melko halvallakin.

  2. Kauniit sävyt nuissa huulipunissa, tuo kirkkaampi punanen varsinkin on miunkin mieleen! :) Onko nuo MACin punat pysyvyydeltään parempia, kuin halvemmat punat? Ihana asu muuten tuossa aiemmassa (joulu)postauksessa.^^

    1. Tuo punainen on ihan täydellinen sävy :) omasta mielestäni pysyy paremmin kuin aikaisemmat punani. Nämä ovat matta pintaisia, joka sekin vaikuttaa.