Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas eve / OOTD

I spent a really traditional Christmas eve once again at my folk's place with my parents, brothers and cats. We ate and opened the presents and my parents visited a church and a cemetery. In a meanwhile we played  Nintendo Wii and I bullied the cats. They are such an adorable pets and we laughed at one of them because she has become so fat during the winter. I so would like to have own cat and dog in the future.  I got a bunch of gifts although I didn't wish anything. Mostly everything useful like towels and Moomin products. 
My Christmas Eve's outfit was really simple. I wanted to put on something casual and warm because I suspect that a flu is coming over me, so I selected a striped loose shirt which flashed here once before sometime ago. Wedges are second hand and a skirt is basic black mini. I wish you all have a wonderful Christmas there where ever you are! I try to heal my sore throat before the year turns. The last year I was ill and it seems that this year aswell. Not nice at all and I have a work shift on Sunday. It will be silent Sunday if this continue ;) However I continue my morning with witches. Coven is so damn addictive. 


  1. Kuullostaa oikein mukavalta ja näyttänyt hyvältä! ♥
    Joooh..kaikille karvaotuksia! ^___^

    Harmitus että kipeenä..sama täällä..örh.. :/

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Kiitos :) Tää kipeys on kyl ihan pöh.. varsinki kun koko syksyn ollut tulossa se flunssa, mutta ei vieläkä ole kunnolla tullut xI

  2. Ihana asu, tuo paita on niin kepeä ja pirteä! :) Vähän erilainen, kun siun päällä on tottunut näkemään ja näyttää kyllä hyvältä silti. ^^

  3. Turbonegr book's good, hank and his withdraval psychosis, heh. Proper beaty u are!

  4. I love your outfit :). Ouija pendant is perfect!