Saturday, 6 December 2014

Some black lace and heels

Dress: Nelly, Shoes: Pleaser
I'm spending my Saturday night at home on my own by relaxing which means reading of the books and listening to the music. This week has been quite action-packed so it's just nice to escape the people to my own world and spend a day at home alone. Today happens to be Independence day, but for me it's just a day between the days. 

Recently I have read again some biographies. My beloved gave me Lemmy's opus as a birthday gift. I have never liked Mötörhead, but Lemmy is some kind of a living corpse among the people and some calls him even as a god. However it's worth reading even if you don't like their music. Heroin diaries is my old book and I've gone it through several times, but one random night this week I decided to start reading it again. 


  1. As a scorpio I understand the need to be alone for a while :)
    We need that every now and then.
    Love Nikkis Sixx's Heroin diaries <3

    1. Being alone every now and then is quite important for me at least now when I have two jobs :)

  2. gurl... lemme is a bad ass. he is always kicking in hollywood (at the rainbow room, on sunset, i can literally go find him and meet him if I feel like it, he's that cool and accessible) there is a pretty cool documentary movie about him out there, u should find it and watch it. "lemme get another beeeer..." hence his name. ur boyfriend is teaching u well! oh and u need to get ur hands on the the motley crew book the dirt, its so out of control... i lent that book out so many time to friends, they came back shocked.... the hero in the book is Nikki Six and Mick Mars, they write their own biographies so candidly and so brutally honest... its an amazing book, that all I will say.

    congrats on the new sponsors on the site!
    and what kind of work are u doing in cold ass finland? let ur fans know! glad to see ur leg is better (tall sexy shoes...), fuck clots!
    love from L.A.!!!

    1. I've read Mötley book, it was fine :)

      Thank you! I have actually three different jobs that I'm doing ;P Yep, a leg is fine, no problems with it anymore.