Monday, 15 December 2014

Dark winter day

 I have a day off today so I decided to go to do some Christmas shopping to the downtown. At the same I bumped into this lovely leather jacket which cost only 20 euros and I decided to buy it for me a bit like as Christmas present. It's a short model and there is a nice fur collar.  It's hilarious how I hated this kind of coats before, but nowadays I have already a few of them. I also managed to find the gifts which is a good thing. Now I don't need to ponder longer what to purchase.
My boyfriend ordered a documentary of Johnny Thunders and I stole it from him before he was able to watch it. Quite interesting story of a legend and definitely worth watching. I adore his style very much. Probably I will re-watch this later. 


  1. johhny is the shit, have u read "Please Kill Me.." its about the New York punk scene.... good reference. I LOVE the New York Dolls!!!!!!!! Hope u are keeping warm! Best Wishes! What are your plans for Xmas???? Hope its filled with horror and joy! Rock on!

    1. Yep I have read it and it's good! Heh my beloved loves Dolls aswell he has even Dolls tattoo ;) Nothing special at Christmas, I have a vacation and I'm gonna be lazy ;D