Saturday, 13 December 2014

Witches are everywhere

Here comes my yesterday's witchy outfit and my new shoes which I got the other day. Over knee boots seems to be again a part of the mainstream fashion so they are easy to be found. These are the third pair which I have and I love them! Usually problem with the over knee is that they don't stay up, but these stay perfectly. A heel on these is quite thickset, but it makes them easy to walk (especially if the winter comes). They go well together with the different mini dresses or the skirts. 
Weekend seems to be here again and mine goes at work. Today I had only four hours shift, but tomorrow will be a long day. Can't wait for my Yule vacation to come. 


  1. Onpas kivat kengät! ^^
    Tosiaan ovat varmaan ihan omiaan talvikeleille. :)

  2. Niin on ja pystyy kävelemään talvellakin :P

  3. Voi vitsit mie rakastan lierihattuja ja ylipolven saappaita <3 näpsäkkä asukokonaisuus^^