Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Gift ideas

Collaboration post

November turned to December and Yule is closer a day by day. I put my Christmas lights already at the beginning of November because I wanted to bring more light to my apartment, but the Christmas mood in itself is still something that I'm looking for. Time is running so fast that it feels that the previous Christmas was just a moment ago. 

While looking for my Christmas vibes I decided to create a collection of Queen of Darkness clothes that I would like to have as a gift and introduce my favorite items from their collection. 
Asymmetrical Cocktail Dress In a Rocking Design - dress is of course to my taste because of a hem which is not even. I guess that each of you have noted that I like to wear asymmetrical clothes. I also like details of the dress and the translucent material rocks always. 
Long skirt with lacing and carabiner what can I say? The hem is nice and the upper part aswell. I also like that the skirt is adjustable. 
Poncho with big collar. I love ponchos. So far I only have one, but I wish to get them more. This is so casual and the collar is adorable. 
Accessories are always welcome to my style. Pointy lace gloves or  Lace bracelet with middle finger loop are nice details to finish an outfit. 
Fringed clutch with knuckle-duster closu  is nice way to carry your goods!

Have you already bought your Christmas presents? I need to admit that I haven't, but I have rolled the ideas on my mind really diligently. My beloved has also his birthday at Christmas eve, so I need to give him also birthday gift. 


  1. The skirt is breathtaking <3
    I didnt buy my xmas present yet, i think i am gonna do that next week or so, but i donno what to buy yet haha

    1. heh, sometimes it's so difficult to know what to buy :P