Sunday, 15 March 2015

She's dead after love

 What an insane scheduled work period it's going right now, but I have decided to go it through triumphantly. Eleven days in a row until a day off comes and I'm about halfway now. Perhaps a small trophy when this is over. However I feel quite energetic and I bothered to take photos of day's outfit which consisted of a second hand shirt and suspenders and a skirt which is quite new. I have enjoyed highs heels during the last days. Goodbye to all the snow and ice and welcome to my heels.  
These boots are from Vagabond and I ordered them in January. They are suitably witchy and so gorgeous to wear, worth every penny. I was watching these shoes already in early autumn, but I decided to increase my patience and wait if these come to sale and eventually I paid forty euros less. 
I have enlarged my vinyl collection and one new plate is Varjo: Viimeinen näytös. This cost just four euros so not bad at all. Varjo is one of my favorite band and it's a shame this band doesn't exist anymore. I actually have a cd version of it aswell. 

Hope you all had a nice weekend and perhaps a bit more spare time as I had. I wait for the next weekend to come and let's see if I attend some gig then too. 


  1. now this sounds powerful! btw i love how you use that white rug (?) to make your things pop :-)

    1. It's a fake sheepskin which I bought from Ikea a little while ago :) Thanks!

  2. Liebe Suski,
    Ich schreibe dir auf Deutsch, weil ich mit großer Freude gesehen habe, dass dich meine Muttersprache inspiriert. Ich verfolge dein Blog schon seit einiger Zeit und bin immer wieder aufs Neue begeistert von deiner beinahe ätherischen Ästhetik. Ich sammle deine Looks als Inspiration für mich selbst, weil sie mich im Innersten berühren. Ich danke dir dafür.

    Dear Suski,
    I'm writing in german (translated to english now, obviously^^), because I've seen my mother tongue is one of your inspirations, which brings great joy to me. I have been following your wonderful blog for quite some time now, and I'm always delighted by your almost ethereal aesthetics. I'm collecting your looks for myself, because they touch me in my innermost. Thank you so much for this.

    1. Hih! Willkommen mein blog zu verfolgen. Ich verstand fast alles ohne Übersetzung. Ich habe deutche seit enigen Jahren gelernt so Ich kann es ein wenig sprechen. Ich komme nach Deutschland heute Frühjahr besuchen und Ich bin so aufgeregt. Ich freue mich dass du magst mein Blog. Vielen danke! (Entschuldigung für die Fehler :D)