Sunday, 13 September 2015

An outfit for autumn

A sore throat has been a friend of mine for these past days. The mind would like to wrap around the rug, but obligations compels to get up. Irritating tiredness steals the ability to concentrate on things. Hope this goes quickly over. I haven't tried a vampire drove yet, but if this state of affairs continues I perhaps need to give it a try. 

My Friday's attire:
All my current favorite items come together in this look. Wedges, hat, fringe bag and asymmetrical bat sleeve knitting. They all fit so well for the fall. The hat is just a bit challenging to wear when it's been windy weather. 
I'm quite much waiting for the next weekend when I finally have it free. The free weekends are rare delicacy nowadays.


  1. Gorgeous photographs!
    I love the hat, even if it was difficult to wear!
    Sometimes the weather just doesn't appreciate style! haha <3

    1. Thank you!
      Hats are so cool. Here in Finland it's quite usual that the weather spoils your style :D

  2. Your outfit is so great!
    I'm waiting for autumn as well - all the lovely candles, time for tea and knitted clothes!
    - Tea