Friday, 25 September 2015

It's Friday

Hello! One week over again and I can only wonder how quickly these weeks fly. Only two weeks left and I have a vacation and can't wait for it to come. During the week I have studied psychology and pondered creative acting. Obviously week has been fairly burdensome for I fell asleep immediately after coming home today. Before the nap my beloved took these outfit pictures so thank you to my darling for these shots:


  1. You have such a gorgeous, distinctive look!

  2. Hope you will enjoy your vacation :-) And well, after being productive it is ok to fall asleep as soon as you are home - and the pictures look great!

    1. I WILL DO! Can't really wait it. But it's boring to spend the rare spare time by sleeping :/ Thank you :)

  3. Onpa tyylikäs asu! Kengät, hattu ja laukku on aivan superhienot, kelpaisi mullekin!