Friday, 4 September 2015

The end of the summer

A week ago it was the last weekend of August and there were celebrated the end of the summer. I paid a visit to the downtown to see fireworks, but I had no energy to leave for instance to the bar tour which would have been nice. August turned to September and the fall is officially here.  I like. Like most of you probably know the autumn is my favorite season. Darkness falls and the leaves drift by the windows. The nature dies to be born again. 

During this week I have tried to settle in better and the flat feels already like home. There is still quite much to arrange although all essential goods start to be in their place. The week has been fairly hectic when I have tried to become familiar with the new studies and there has been everyday things to do. Weekend goes again at the work so no time to rest which would be more as welcome. 
I took a few pictures from my new home. Just some small details, but anyway :)
New sheets which I wanted to buy for the new home. 

Hope you all have a good weekend, I continue watching of Son's of anarchy ;)


  1. I love your new home. I think it has got lots of personality and spirit. I wish I would posses half of your natural talent for interior decor, but for some reason that's out of my reach right now.

    Also, I agree Autumn is the best season of the year. Here in Bucharest temperatures can go up to 40 centigrades, so Fall is actually a huge relief.

    I hope you do enjoy September!

    1. heh, I'm happy that I don't live there although it's possible also here that the temperature goes close to 40 degrees, but it's rare.

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Autumn is my favorite season too. Spring comes after that :)
    I like your new home. It's good to hear that you already feel at home. That's normally the difficult part.
    Have good start in the new week :)

    1. It's really annoying if the home doesn't feel home, but this feels <3 Although I loved my old place this place is so much better in a many way like there isn't railway under the windows and so on :D Thank you :)

  3. Hei, mistä oot hankkinut tuon valkoisen Ouija-laudan? Vai onko se puhtaanvalkoinen oikeasti? :)