Tuesday, 8 September 2015

When blood stops running you will be free of this all

On Monday I wanted to start the week by dressing something trad goth on and here it is how it turned:
A shirt is from Queen of Darkness' collection and it has become one of my favorite shirt recently. Someone asked earlier that does it be sensitive material, but I haven't managed to make any extra hole to it yet although I have worn it a lot. Once my hairband got stuck it, but I managed to get it off. A hat is perfect accessory for autumn and I have seen many people wearing this kind of hats here in Finland now. Seems to be a trend. It's also the great summer item if you want to avoid the sun. Quite simple and comfy outfit as I like to dress nowadays. 
 My week started nicely although I feel to be a bit lost in between times. I live through different times right now and many things are about to change. Perhaps sometimes it's good to take a risk and try something new which isn't so natural to you. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can offer the new possibilities. Or at least I wish it. 


  1. Oooh it must be nice to wear a fishnet shirt without any snags! It is very lovely!

  2. I love you netted top; it's simple but stunning.

  3. Yhyy, miks mun lierihattu lojuu käyttämättömänä laatikossa, kun siitä vois saada näin kivaa maustetta asuihin! Hieno kokonaisuus :)

  4. Really nice style