Sunday, 6 September 2015

Press the eject and give me the tape

After two early mornings it's more as easy to hang out at home and listen to the recordings which are close to a heart and put on something cozy like this Poe top. (hehe, the print sill looks too much like Hitler)

Today I've been in a weird way diligent. After six hours at work I headed for the gym and after that  I cooked a pizza (what a great combination: gym and pizza). In addition to that I cleaned the home, painted the table and dyed the hair and now I'm like a walking zombie who needs a day off. Lucky thing is that I have the day off on Thursday so I'm waiting for it. Before it there is three lecture days to go, but I guess I 'll figure them out. I hope you all had a nice weekend and maybe a bit more easy-going as I had. 

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