Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Elizabeth ruffle collar

Good morning! A short post about the collar I made a couple of weeks ago. I've dreamed of the Elizabeth collar for long and now I decided to do it. This is a prototype literally. I didn't have any specs how to produce this, but now I'm a lot smarter. It's quite simple to sew, but it requires hand stitches and I hate them! I was a bit insecure which material to choose and I ended up duchess satin which was a good option. Let's see if I wear this at WGT.
Last day at work and then Germany is calling. You can imagine how much I want to go to the work right now. Thoughts are already somewhere elsewhere. I'm happy that I've packed already so I don't need to stress today. Our bus will leave  for Helsinki at  4 am the next night which means that the early morning is coming. Tomorrow we thought to pick up the wristbands after arriving at Leipzig so they are on standby for Friday.  Probably we are quite zombies tomorrow that need to go sleep in time ;D I can't wait for getting Agra hall to shop! 

I'm not sure if I post from the journey, but I will when I'm back home. After the journey there is only three days and my vacation begins.