Friday, 20 May 2016

Unterwegs: Feel Berlin

Guten Tag! I'm still alive after all travelling and adventuring, but I feel slightly exhausted. A treadmill captured me immediately after coming home and as you may know visiting Festival is tough. A few days off would have been good for recovering. But what it comes to my journey, Germany was wonderful and I can't wait to get there again in the future. It was nice to see a piece of Berlin as well and I definitely want to revisit there later. We had some hours time to round there and we managed to see some remarkable spots as Memorial of murdered Jews of Europe. Luckily the weather was in our side on Thursday until it turned to erratic.  Here are a few shots I took on Thursday before leaving for Leipzig. 

I try to return over the weekend and do the post of Wave Gotik Treffen which most likely interest you ;) This year I didn't take such many photos as I did the year ago, but of course there is something to show you. 

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