torstai 26. toukokuuta 2016

Wave Gotik Treffen: Darkhaus, Diary of Dreams, Lacrimosa, PiL

Sunday the third day at Wave Gotik treffen was chilly, windy, sunny and rainy and I managed to get wet when some random cloud reached us unexpectedly. . The rain lasted only for a few minutes until the cloud hastened over and the sun appeared back. The weather was quite bad and annoying not at all warm and nice like it was a year ago.  People said that it's never been this cold before at WGT like it was this year. People was wearing their overcoats so their beautiful costumes didn't show so I ended up leaving my camera to the hotel and didn't take any pictures of the other's costumes. I wore my self made pvc dream dress which I also wore the last year at Lumous. 
 A few pictures from Agra. 

We decided to take a tram and travel to Agra once again where was performing Diary of Dreams and Public Image Ltd which I definitely wanted to see! For real, I saw Johnny Rotten, a living legend of punk! Both gigs were good. In addition we checked Lacrimosa which was boring and Darkhaus. We returned back to hotel somewhere around 3 am. I probably slept only five hours until it was a time to start the last day. 

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