sunnuntai 1. toukokuuta 2016

The First of May

Well Hello, it's a time to come and write a few words up. May Day starts to be celebrated and this year I spent it in my hometown. The last year I traveled across the country, but this time I only had a few days off so there wasn't sense to leave anywhere.  (For foreigners May Day is a public holiday in Finland. It's so called worker's day or just an excuse to drink alcohol. Especially students are celebrating May Day impressively and usually they celebrate it more as just for one day. All in all it's a celebration of all the people.)

Yesterday we went to the nearby park where was arranged "anarchy market" and there was playing some soloist. The weather was quite cold and wet so we didn't stay long until we decided to go a bar and buy a sweet Hello Kitty balloon from the market. Today I've been here and there. I visited a downtown which was packed with people. The weather was absolutely wonderful and warm so I wanted to spend time outdoors like seemingly many others too. Here is an outfit from today until I changed it to another:
Dress: Second hand, Shoes: Minna Parikka, Belt: Flea market, Hat: Student cap
I went to see for the first time when the students were dipped in the white water. It's an old tradition here. 
All in all the weekend was nice and now I start to prepare for WGT!!

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