sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2016

Wave gotik treffen: Velvet Acid Christ, Aesthetic perfection

This will be the last post of Wave Gotik Treffen, I promise ;) The last day before leaving back for home included a few good gigs and Finnish meet-up. In the morning after sleeping a few  hours we dressed up and I visited taking hotel's breakfast as I did everyday. We went to shop to a railway station which was situated  a stone's throw to get to our hotel. I found a few lovely shoes and some make-up which I had already bought once before during our journey. I didn't shop that much that I did a year ago. Mostly I admired all handmade items and gathered an inspiration. At WGT you can find such a many cool handmade items and I especially like them. 

My outfit contained also something handmade. The horns which I wore nearly everyday and the collar. The dress is from Queen of Darkness and it felt very good choice for the last day when I wanted to wear something which look good, but feels casual. 
By the way our hotel was situated in the downtown which is the best location while attending WGT. It was almost a skyscraper including 27 floors. Our room was on the floor 17 and from there it was a nice view through the window over the city. 
We went to Moritzbastei which was the new place to me and what a labyrinth that place was, but quite nice. There was arranged a small Finnish meet-up which was the reason to go there. It was nice to hear other's experiences from the WGT and Leipzig over the beer. After that we decided to visit shortly Medieval village before going to Agra. Day's gigs were Velvet Acid Christ which I waited a lot and Aesthetic Perfection. Both were absolutely good. 

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  1. Dear Suski, two days before the WGT I came across your blog. And on WGT I spotted you, what a small world! I love your style, especially your tulle-skirt-outfits. Now I really need a tulle skirt as well! Black greetings from Leipzig - Vio.

    1. Small world indeed :D Thank you, tulle skirts are awesome, before I wore them daily ^^