maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2016

Hey Ho, Lets Go!

One attire I wore a few days ago. Soon it starts to be time to say good bye to nice chiffon garments because it is already quite chilly weather and it's only a question of time when the thermometer points freezing numbers. So far I can't say that I would be waiting for winter and those days when you get off from the work and there is only that endless darkness... although it's also an excellent excuse to arrange romantic candle nights. 

I had today such a stereotypical Monday. Nothing progressed like I planned and the mood was down. Fortunately a visit to a gym and a sauna after that succeeded to cheer up my withered mind. Hope tomorrow brings some joy and this crap day passes out of the mind. I also did pole dancing yesterday after a long break and it feels that I'm getting my enthusiasm back. It's been lost for a while now and instead of spinning around I've focused on the gym. 

I start to be quite worried about my sense of time. I nearly forgot that there is coming The Cure concert and it is already the next week! I have waited for it for ages and it's right behind the door.

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