tiistai 13. syyskuuta 2016

The girl in the spider's web

A spunky flu begins to be over and the life starts to gets its potency back. After laying  on a bed for days feels good to be more energetic again and be able to do things. Unfortunately I missed all those interesting events which the last weekend kept inside like The 69 eyes' gig and some other gigs as well, but fortunately there is coming something else this weekend. 

Some time ago I placed an order to get the fourth novel of Millennium series: The girl in the spider's web and I've been reading this like an insane. I loved Stieg Larsson's Millennium serie and devoured those books after they were published and although the writer is now a different person the spirit is still addicting. The last hundred pages are left and I know I feel a little bit empty after finishing it. 
 I found my enthusiasm over the weekend what it comes to drawing and yesterday I decided to buy the new graphic pens because my old ones were made a trick of vanishing or they were worn out. Let's see if I get something to do with the new pens. 

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