keskiviikko 21. syyskuuta 2016

Teit meistä kauniin

Who wouldn't have listened to Apulanta in Finland in the 90's? So did also I. I fell in love fully to  some of their songs as: Ilona, Maanantai and Odotus and they still sound good to my ears. However I lost my interest after Heinola 10 album which was published 2001 and their newer albums are more stranger to me although I haven't been able to avoid everything and all songs are somehow familiar to me. For the last years I have barely listened to the whole band ,but every now and then it's nice to sink into a nostalgic state of mind and listen to their old production.

 I got so excited after hearing that there is coming a movie about the band though I don't have much trust on Finnish film production. However we finally had time to go to see the film yesterday and the film surprised me completely. It was better as I waited and even the actors were quite good and one of them sounded so authentic that I started to doubt is the voice dubbed. A touching, sensitive period piece which brought to mind the years when I was a teen. The movie wasn't only the story about the band, it was the story about that time when it was a deep recession-time in Finland and the people were depressed and some ended up committing suicide.... I can't say how well the movie works to those who don't know the band or the elder people, but to me it works because the band was so big word when I was young. 
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  1. Hihii..vanha Apulanta-fani täälläkin! ♥ Kyllä, aikalailla kaikki sitä kuunteli back in the days. Tulee aikamoiset teinivibat ja nostalgiat heti mieleen. Kuitenkin Apulanta soi tosi pitkän ajan ihan valtavirtamediassakin, että sitä on tullut kuunneltua iät ja ajat.

    Voisi kyllä kiinnostaa tuo elokuva ja jos kerran on katsottavakin. Yleensä kun nuo Suomalaiset on ihan kamalia ja jätän suosiolla katsomatta. Odottelempa että se pääsee dvd:lle asti. ^_^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Ajattelin kanssa katsella toistamiseen, jospa se kestäisi vielä toisenkin katselun :)

  2. Ooo pitää kyl nähä aivan ihanaa <3