perjantai 9. syyskuuta 2016

Pentagram Harness

Well hello! I've tried to do this post too many times during the week and either my laptop has stopped running or my condition has collapsed. I managed to have a flu over the last weekend and my health has been like a roller coaster this week. I already thought that I will get better yesterday until my lungs started to ache and what else that means as a bronchitis. Somehow I have a propensity to get it nearly each time when I have a flu. There would have been such many nice events now as we were about to go a circus with my beloved, but now everything had to cancel. I'm so fed up with being at home and laying on the bed and especially when I don't have strength to focus on anything. I tried to read and I lost the red thread after the first page.  Hope this goes over soon! 
A few weeks ago I had some extra time so I decided to sew something which would be quickly done. I ended up crafting a pentagram harness which turned out to be really nice! This is the first harness I have ever done so I didn't have any experience. I remember that I dreamed of making the harness already when I lived in England and that happened a long time ago... sometimes the things take their own time to come true.

What do you like the result?

10 kommenttia:

  1. I think you did very very good. Couldn't tell that this is selfmade!
    Hope you get well soon

  2. That harness looks great. Love it on you!

  3. Wow, that harness looks absolutely amazing!

  4. Looks great! How did you measure the length of the strips, did you use a tutorial or did you just give it a go? Did you use a tailor puppet (or how These figures you can pin things to are called)?