Monday, 26 September 2016

Hey Ho, Lets Go!

One attire I wore a few days ago. Soon it starts to be time to say good bye to nice chiffon garments because it is already quite chilly weather and it's only a question of time when the thermometer points freezing numbers. So far I can't say that I would be waiting for winter and those days when you get off from the work and there is only that endless darkness... although it's also an excellent excuse to arrange romantic candle nights. 

I had today such a stereotypical Monday. Nothing progressed like I planned and the mood was down. Fortunately a visit to a gym and a sauna after that succeeded to cheer up my withered mind. Hope tomorrow brings some joy and this crap day passes out of the mind. I also did pole dancing yesterday after a long break and it feels that I'm getting my enthusiasm back. It's been lost for a while now and instead of spinning around I've focused on the gym. 

I start to be quite worried about my sense of time. I nearly forgot that there is coming The Cure concert and it is already the next week! I have waited for it for ages and it's right behind the door.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Teit meistä kauniin

Who wouldn't have listened to Apulanta in Finland in the 90's? So did also I. I fell in love fully to  some of their songs as: Ilona, Maanantai and Odotus and they still sound good to my ears. However I lost my interest after Heinola 10 album which was published 2001 and their newer albums are more stranger to me although I haven't been able to avoid everything and all songs are somehow familiar to me. For the last years I have barely listened to the whole band ,but every now and then it's nice to sink into a nostalgic state of mind and listen to their old production.

 I got so excited after hearing that there is coming a movie about the band though I don't have much trust on Finnish film production. However we finally had time to go to see the film yesterday and the film surprised me completely. It was better as I waited and even the actors were quite good and one of them sounded so authentic that I started to doubt is the voice dubbed. A touching, sensitive period piece which brought to mind the years when I was a teen. The movie wasn't only the story about the band, it was the story about that time when it was a deep recession-time in Finland and the people were depressed and some ended up committing suicide.... I can't say how well the movie works to those who don't know the band or the elder people, but to me it works because the band was so big word when I was young. 
My outfit from yesterday

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Goth night

It's Sunday again and the week flashed over again quickly as a sand in an hourglass. Over the week I have kept the real human skull in my hand for the very first time while trying to learn the anatomy of  a head and the last nigh I went to a bar where was arranged a gothic night. My week in a nutshell so to speak ;D For once I had the weekend off and change to go out! Here is the look from the last night:
I wanted to put on that pentagram harness which I made recently and it worked well with the black mini dress which is one of my favorite dress these days. I bought it many years ago from the sales without trying and it proved to be too large, but  these days  it's perfect. And what else that dress would need as Minna Parikka's shoes?

Otherwise I could describe my weekend in a one word: laziness. Just laying on the bed with a laptop, pizza and book. Except today I visited a gym. Annoying tiredness which probably is caused by the flu is taunting me so I have slept more as usually. Hope you all have had a nice weekend, I will try to return to blogosphere the next week although it looks quite busy. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The girl in the spider's web

A spunky flu begins to be over and the life starts to gets its potency back. After laying  on a bed for days feels good to be more energetic again and be able to do things. Unfortunately I missed all those interesting events which the last weekend kept inside like The 69 eyes' gig and some other gigs as well, but fortunately there is coming something else this weekend. 

Some time ago I placed an order to get the fourth novel of Millennium series: The girl in the spider's web and I've been reading this like an insane. I loved Stieg Larsson's Millennium serie and devoured those books after they were published and although the writer is now a different person the spirit is still addicting. The last hundred pages are left and I know I feel a little bit empty after finishing it. 
 I found my enthusiasm over the weekend what it comes to drawing and yesterday I decided to buy the new graphic pens because my old ones were made a trick of vanishing or they were worn out. Let's see if I get something to do with the new pens. 

Friday, 9 September 2016

Pentagram Harness

Well hello! I've tried to do this post too many times during the week and either my laptop has stopped running or my condition has collapsed. I managed to have a flu over the last weekend and my health has been like a roller coaster this week. I already thought that I will get better yesterday until my lungs started to ache and what else that means as a bronchitis. Somehow I have a propensity to get it nearly each time when I have a flu. There would have been such many nice events now as we were about to go a circus with my beloved, but now everything had to cancel. I'm so fed up with being at home and laying on the bed and especially when I don't have strength to focus on anything. I tried to read and I lost the red thread after the first page.  Hope this goes over soon! 
A few weeks ago I had some extra time so I decided to sew something which would be quickly done. I ended up crafting a pentagram harness which turned out to be really nice! This is the first harness I have ever done so I didn't have any experience. I remember that I dreamed of making the harness already when I lived in England and that happened a long time ago... sometimes the things take their own time to come true.

What do you like the result?

Sunday, 4 September 2016


Some pictures I managed to take during this week while inspiration wave came over me; Hope you like them.