keskiviikko 3. toukokuuta 2017

Weekend and the first of May

I had a blast weekend though  I didn't plan it just at all beforehand. We went to eat pizzas on Saturday after the work and attended gold parties of the local ice hockey team just for fun. I'm definitely not a fan of ice hockey, but I was curious to see how many people there were and there were many... in the evening I opened a bottle of sparking wine and we ended up watching the fire works. It was like it would have been New Year's Eve: it was snowing and the sky glinted. 
Finally the weather has warmed up so that it's possible to wear something else than winter overcoats and it feels awesome. I was already so bored with wool coats that I could bury them six feet under. 
I recommend to visit here if you want good pizzas and you are around the corner. I have visited twice and I find the place is nice and stylish. I like their interior. 
Sunday was purely a home day. It was snowing so the weather didn't invite to go out. I went to the gym and watched several movies at home. Next day was a work day so I wasn't able to party hard through the night and to be honest I prefer stayed home. On Monday we rounded around the city after I was free and there were a hell of a lot of people in the downtown. The weather was pretty so we spent several hours outdoors. A bit different weekend and the first of May, but I can't complain. Besides my other half bought me a balloon ;D

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