keskiviikko 29. marraskuuta 2017

"I will see you again in 25 years."

As the title gives to understand, I've become familiar with the newest Twin Peaks season which is indeed surrealistic and very Lynch. I've gone through just a few episodes and I don't try to pretend to understand it, but there is something which invites me to go on. I heard a bunch of different opinions about the newest season and it is totally really different as the original serial was in the 90's, but I knew it beforehand so I didn't except to return to the old dreamy Twin Peaks town which was warm and cozy. Those who wait for the nostalgic trip to the past will be disappointed although there is old familiar characters, the atmosphere differs from the past. I'm eager for seeing how the serial goes on and what happens to Cooper and his brutal look-alike. If the old serial was potential to entertain everyone, I think The Return is not that mainstream, it's artistic with some poor made special effects and you can't go home again. A few years have gone since I last watched the first two seasons and I would like to re-watch them again. Unfortunately they exist no longer on Netflix. 
Day's look consisted of a striped dress and red lips (once again), but they just fit together perfectly. 
I have a terrible cat fever. I've been looking for a cat on several websites during the days, but so far no luck. I would like to have the black kitten, but the internet seems to offer only the adults... My old pal, who didn't live with me, passed away a week ago at the age of 16. That's pretty good age for a cat. I was fourteen-years-old when he was born and he has been here through all these years and periods of the life... I also would like to have that dog, but the life with the dog requires orderliness and sometimes it's nice to be spontaneous. 

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  1. Ihana asu! Pakko myöntää, että en ole vieläkään katsonut Twin Peaksia ollenkaan. Voisi jostain metsästää ne vanhat jaksot ensin :)

    1. Kannattaa varmaan aloittaa niistä :) Boxeja myydään aika halvalla, katsoin just :P

  2. Kannattaa seurata löytöeläintaloja, niissä usein on kissoja tarjolla. Esimerkiksi Tampereella on Kisu ry jossa näyttää nytkin olevan muutama musta pentu kotia vailla :)