lauantai 25. marraskuuta 2017

Let's not wake up any ghosts

A last workday of a week in front of me and I've spent my forenoon by listening to some gothic rock while reading Jyrki 69's book which I found in the library recently. The week has been tough and I've felt so sleepy due to the longer days. Basically I have done nothing else as work and pondered what is the next step in my life. My mind wanders between the earth and space. Someday I would like to work abroad and I've suggested that idea to my beloved as well, things aren't too easy when you are in a relationship, but I know it's not the right moment now... but maybe someday? I'm definitely a person who will get bored really easily if the life doesn't offer new possibilities regularly. I have a bunch of plans in my head, I just need a way to get them out. 
Today's look: the red lips and a simple black dress. 

Someone asked for a decor post and I try to open a door into my new flat as soon as I'm able to take quality pictures. Usually it's too dark for the decor photos and today my home is too messy because I didn't have time to clean it during the week. 

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