tiistai 12. joulukuuta 2017

Only a woman can break his spell

I've been under the flu for a week now and this starts to be quite boring. Today is a bit better day although I coughed my lungs nearly out in the morning, but the energy level is better and the voice came somewhat back. I've been at the work every day though, but the rest of the time I've been bounded to the couch. I already miss a gym and  pole a lot. This is weird to be without the work-out over a week.

Today I was off so I tried to create some kind of outfit:
A sweater is the new finding from a flea market and those shoes I bought a few months ago and they are excellent. I still love over-the-knee boots and these are the perfect pair for a collection. For the winter I would need a pair of combat boots, but I haven't seen any nice yet. 

About a week ago it was Independence day here in Finland and the country celebrated its centenary. I was what else as ill, but I wanted to have at least a bit festive vibes too so I headed to the downtown to see fireworks as did thousands people here. I didn't except to meet that big crowd there, but obviously everyone had the same plan. My flu didn't like that idea at all and it got worse of course due to the glacial weather. 

I can't believe it's Yule soon and I haven't bought gifts yet :D  It's a really nice and wintry weather and I do enjoy the snow (now when there is loads of snow). 

4 kommenttia:

  1. Mainioita löytöjä oot taas tehnyt. Tuollainen neulemekko kelpaisi omaankin kaappiin! Mitä muuten kuuluu nykyään sille kummituspuulle, joka joskus vilahti parissa postauksessa? Juuri sain kotiini hieman kärsineen kummituksen, jota yritän nyt kovasti herätellä henkiin :D

    1. Viime aikoina oon onnistunut tekemään kyllä kivoja löytöjä kirppiksiltä, vaikka en niissä kovin aktiivisesti edes pyöri! Tämäkin neule maksoi jotain euron tai kaksi ja on just passeli.

      Kuten tyypillistä niin se kuoli aika nopeasti :D Pidin sitä silti koristeena, mutta nyt muuttaessa heitin menemään. Olen kyl katsonut uutta, mutta toistaiseksi en ole raaskinut.. Ei nuo kasvit vain pysy mulla hengissä paria kuukautta pidempään..

  2. Those boots are so amazing! Lovely outfit. Hope you feel better soon. :)