sunnuntai 17. joulukuuta 2017

Shiny legs

I overcame a flu and finally I'm able to do something else as rotting on the couch which basically means that I'm suffering from aching muscles due to a hardcore gym training. I hope the cold won't find me anymore during the winter. Sometimes it comes back soon after disappearing and I wouldn't like to be between the sheets over Christmas. I can't believe it's Christmas again! Seriously I hate when the time runs this quickly and I can't control it at all. A year just turned and now it turns again.. I have made most of my gift purchases which is good for I have a lot of work during the next week. On Friday or on Saturday I will jump on the train for going to spend Xmas with the folks. I haven't been there for a long time so it's about a time to go say hello.

I ordered a birthday present for my beloved and at the same I bought these shiny leggings for myself. I'm quite thrilled about the shiny leggings and they are so easy to wear with pullovers which seems to be my everyday garment these days... Funny affair is that I didn't like them before. I'm also dreaming of a pair of latex trousers and I've considered to do them myself. 

Saturday's look included layers. 
I enjoyed Xmas vegan brunch today after the work and my stomach is still full. Menu was good and for once I was able to eat everything from the table. A purse lightened a little bit, but sometimes it's nice to eat at restaurants and enjoy the good food. 

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