tiistai 26. joulukuuta 2017

Spirit of the winter

Yule rolls to its end and it's a time to start focusing the mind on the coming year. I'm returning back to home today and tomorrow daily routines start running again. I hope you all had a congenial weekend and you got to spend it there where you wished. I've been really calmly at the folks and spent some quality time with a camera and been surrounded by cats. Of course I have bathed at sauna and poured  red wine down a throat not forgetting all those delicious food. This Yule could have been totally different following the accident which faced my dad in the summer, but luckily it wasn't.
I was dressed in this combination at eve. Not too sophisticated or colorful, but I like this look a lot.I got my  granny hat back which has been lost for a good time. I think it fits me pretty well and finishes the look. 
One of those drawings that I sketched over Yule. I hope I have a lot of inspiration also in the next year.  This year I've spent nicely time with the creative affairs.
When it comes to the gifts, I'm not going to do any unboxing post, but I can reveal that I got mostly coins which I'll invest in coloring of the skin at some point and travelling ;) I didn't want to receive pointless material, I prefer put money on experiences and exploring of the world. But naturally a granny gave me a pair of woolen socks and chocolate. 

2 kommenttia:

  1. Ihana tunnelma näissä kuvissa! Onko tuossa hameessa siis jokin pidempi osio takana? Kaunis asu :)

    1. Kiitos. Juu tai oikeastaan sivulla, mutta sithän voi pitää miten päin vain :)