perjantai 29. joulukuuta 2017

Give me the wings

A few more picture from Yule time. As you can see it was a fairly drab weather and not at all dreamy white as it should be. I was hoping to get the snow, but what I got was tears from the sky. But okay, I like to admire this dead nature through a lens. White Christmas is rare on this latitude these days, but sometimes it happens, but most often it looks like this. 
I'm so in love with the granny hat and white collars. An outfit from the first Yule day. 
I found an ancient horseshoe. It's probably from the time when my grandma had a horse so it's really old. By the way I would like to go riding some day. I have never been, but I have always wanted and some time ago I noticed that here is arranged courses for adults who have less or not at all experience. I believe it would be worth trying at least once in a life or perhaps I fall in love.
If you want to see more pictures like my page here. I've activated and updating it again. 
I'm suffering from an awful travel fever once again. I went through some old pictures and the fever just increased. I so would like to (re)visit such a many places from Africa to Big Apple. I remember when I visited Rome and Paris and after that I was "well now I've seen them, no need to go there anymore", but now those places attract me again. I do hope I have more possibilities to travel in the future. 

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