lauantai 23. joulukuuta 2017


Yuletide wishes from the boondocks. I came here yesterday after finishing a job and this day flew by doing nothing particular. Me and my other half exchanged gifts already on Thursday evening because we spend Yule away from each other both in our own families. This year I promised to sew a winter coat for my beloved as the gift. He is quite unable to find the suitable coat in the stores which would match with his style , but it's his fortune that he has a girl who is a dressmaker and designer ;D

  I was about to do a post about home Yule decor, but due to the lack of time it is very much undone. But to be honest I'm not put much effort on Yuletide decoration. Most ready-made adornments are way too kitchy to my demanding taste so I usually end up decking by real candles and lights. But perhaps I could create something handmade gothy figments in the future by myself.
An outfit from yesterday. I found that pleated skirt in the flea market some time ago. It's lovely,
I never fed up with photographing the moon. It enchanted through the clouds today. 

May the magic of the season bless you and yours with much love and happiness.

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