sunnuntai 4. maaliskuuta 2018


It seems that I have had loads of things to do during a week for this post has been waiting in drafts since last Sunday. Well yes I have been sewing this week and I try to introduce my newest creation as soon as possible. Atypically it's something else as black this time, perhaps that coming spring has affected my mind unconsciously. Usually in the spring time I find  'the colors'. A year ago I made a silver dress if you remember. 

But can't say that the spring would be coming... it's been over -20 degrees deep frost every morning and I can't see a change coming. Amount of light has increased nicely which is really good and practical thing. I like when there is the nature light at hand after works so that it's possible to photograph.
An outfit from last Sunday. Self made velvet shirt behind the years. 
I've also read a lot and to be honest I could read all the time. A week ago I had that tiny flu so I spent the whole weekend by reading. It's hard to choose which of the book to read when there is so many good opuses.. Coffee and the books.. what else a man can wish? (well perhaps potato chips.. I'm hooked to vinegar chips, before I hated them)
I will spend the next weekend in Helsinki and looking forward to it! These days I visit so rarely there which is pity. I try to pay a visit to some museums and Destiny store which is my favorite boutique although I never have a heart to buy anything from there. I do hope that the week goes quickly so that I get to venture on the streets of Helsinki. I should also start planning on the trip to Prague. My friend lives in Czech and I have had a plan to visit Prague for a good time...

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  1. Praha on kiva kaupunki ♥
    Yhyy sitten KUN olen hyvissä ja rikkaissa töissä, tyhjennän Destiny storen asuntooni.
    Pusero on tyylikäs :)

    1. haha, sama :D Se vaikuttaa kyllä kaikinpuolin käymisen arvoiselta :)

  2. You have this wonderful aesthetic taste, that matches with mine perfectly. Please, keep posting on this blog.