sunnuntai 25. maaliskuuta 2018

In an hourglass

Current week has been tough. I made fifty hours work and barely had time to eat anything during the days. It feels that I have lost a few kilos while running like a chicken without a head. I do hope the next week is easier and it probably  is due to the Easter. So not much spare time during the week and I've been over exhausted that blogging hadn't been the first thing in mind. After the work I have been just laying on the sofa and dreaming of the vacation. Do you have this busy days at work? I even passed my gym work-out due to the lack of energy... and that really annoys me.

.. but Easter is coming and to me it means a journey to Eastern Finland after forever. I can't remember the last time I visited there so I'm really excited. A small break from the everyday life makes me good. 

2 kommenttia:

  1. Your home looks beautiful.

    1. It is the prettiest place I have ever lived <3 Though I'm dreaming of an old wooden house, but perhaps later ;D I try to do a decor post as soon as possible :)