torstai 15. maaliskuuta 2018


After a long period I jumped on a bus for going to Helsinki and I had indeed a nice weekend there with some stuffed animals and drinks.. 

My prolonged dream came true when I finally had a chance to visit  Natural history museum. Some years have passed since my last visit which was nearly twenty years ago. I love this place and I recommend it everyone who are interested in animals and bones. Unfortunately my schedule was fairly tight so I ran all departments through quite quickly, but I would have liked to spend more time there. I definitely want to pay another visit there some day again and actually I would like to visit some other museums as well. I captured a few shots because photographing is allowed there! 
I had loads of plans what to do in Helsinki, but I managed to do only a small part of them ;) Time flew so damn quickly that for instance I didn't reach to go Destiny Store which was on my invisible list. (Perhaps that's only good for my purse)

Every time I visit Helsinki I got a terrible fever to move there. It's awful. That same thing happened as a kid and still. I have lived Helsinki a few times while working there so the city is known to me and I actually planned on moving there after school, but then I bumped into my beloved and the plan changed a direction, but I'm happy with the current city too. I have just forever restless temper and I always want to be somewhere elsewhere and everywhere. 
I should start visiting more often Helsinki. The bus tickets were under ten euro together so it's nothing. 

It's Friday again tomorrow and we have a plan to go comedy theater and my beloved mentioned that there would be some interesting gig as well so perhaps I pay a visit there too. I wish you a good weekend and let's see if I have an inspiration to blog over it.

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