perjantai 30. maaliskuuta 2018

Deep wounds

Last Sunday I entered one interesting and kind of emotional exhibition and it surely was appealing and very much to my dark taste. Berlinde De Bruyckere's works are potential to offer gloomy experience about the war and death. Works made of mostly leather, steal and wax served as a metaphor for suffering and loss for human life. The artist combines ancient mythology, history, literature and Christian iconography in her works. I find the exhibition was very impressive and probably one of the prettiest I've seen in my life. 
It was very joyful to see these works now when I've had so stressful period at work. Any kind of art experience is more as welcome to lead me out of the reality. Right now it has felt that my life is nothing but work and did I ever want that kind of life? Not actually. I'm looking for an exit all the time from the current life so that I would have more time to focus on the things I love, but compromises they are hard to be made. Kind of I could say that I have a small crisis on the hand and at the same time I'm preparing for the entrance exam and not so sure that it's the only option. I'm looking for something, but right now I don't know what that something is. Right now I would like to study German, sink into the books, draw, sew and take a lot of pictures, but now my all energy goes at work and though I like my job, I don't want that it takes my whole life. I hope to find a solution soon.
This exhibition runs at Sara Hilden art museum right now till the May and I can strongly recommend it if you are around the corners.

I continue drinking of the red wine and I enjoy when I finally have a small Easter vacation.

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  1. Wow, the exhibition looks really powerful!

    I hope you find your way through this stressful time. It sounds like you have come to a point where you at least know what you don't want out of life and that's a good start. I can relate to the feeling of being overpowered by work and feel like I'm losing so much time that I could spend on joyful and more meaningful things.

    Everyone is different of course, but if I can't create art I'm losing a big part of my identity, the momentum I need to go through life. Having a job or a life situation that interferes with that is truly deadening.