keskiviikko 11. huhtikuuta 2018

Black widow dress

In a previous post I hinted about a new dress project and here it is, inspired by the world war II (yep I've been deepening world war II and concentration camp documentaries recently and got this idea via that era).
I found a fabric in a local store and it was a piece finding not from a meter pack so I had to design the model in accordance with the size of piece. Perhaps I could have liked the long sleeves, but because there was not enough fabric I had to settle for short ones. But it goes well and perhaps the short sleeves are even more practical in the summer. 
I have a terrible dress fever. It feels that all my old dresses are so worn out that I would need at least five new dresses for the summer. And to be  honest I placed an order yesterday and bought one because I was worried if I have anything nice to put on for Wave Gotik Treffen which comes too quickly. The dresses are so easy and now I yearn lace and more splashy garments into my wardrobe. The winter stunned me into the hibernation and it feels that I worn such a boring garments over the winter,  but now I'm waking up slowly with the sun. Usually the spring gets me feeling down or overwrought, but now it seems to have a reverse effect. 

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