sunnuntai 15. huhtikuuta 2018

Tuhatvuotinen harharetki

And again it's Sunday and a new week is waiting for us ahead. The day flashed quickly. I started sewing a new dress in the morning and a few hours later it was already done. This is rare, usually I don't get anything ready during one day and now I stitched it without stops. Well one new frock for the summer is indeed welcome. 

Today I was dressed in this lovely chiffon dress which I found in the sale track last autumn. The dress has its perfect shape and I especially like the collar system and neckline. The chiffon is also the material which pleases my eyes a lot. I've always liked translucent materials and they feel so light after heavy winter garment season. 
Otherwise the weekend offered some music again in a form of gigs. On Friday evening I pulled myself together and went to see one really interesting Finnish alternative/indie whatever band named Teksti-tv 666. I've seen them once so the band is an old acquaintance to me, but they still sounded good as they did in the previous time. Hope to see them again. 

Nothing else special. Just an ordinary weekend quite much home bounded, but that doesn't bother me at all. I also fixed my bike because the summer finally gives some signs of existence and I've been very happy about the warm weather!

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