keskiviikko 25. huhtikuuta 2018

Here comes the pain

Finally the life looks brighter. I managed to have a streptococcus for the first time about a week ago.  I was at work on last Friday as usually, but my throat was very painful already in the morning, but that was nothing if I think how much worse it got during the day. I knew immediately that there is coming something else than just an ordinary flu. When I got to home I nearly fainted due to tiredness. I slept whole evening and night and suffered from a high fever. On Saturday I murmured my bad conditions at home by myself until my boyfriend arrived and brought some food which I wasn't able to eat though.  I was too exhausted to go to see a doctor although I suspected to have that annoying disease and my beloved tried to lure me to go. I was only able to eat an ice cream because the throat was indeed sick. 

And this was not all, I also managed to have some weird eczema which is something new to me and now my torso is filled with red spots which might be there for months according to the doctor. There should not be any connection between those two disease, they just happened to occur at the same time (and yes, I know streptococcus can also cause the eczema, but this is different). I'm really happy that my face is spot-free. It's enough that my tummy has a new polka dot pattern. I don't have much experience (for my delight) about the skin problems, so this is very new, but I know that they can be really harmful. Good thing is that this is innoxious. It's only a cosmetic harm. 

 Today is my last day of sick leave and I already feel fine so I decided to invest in an outfit after wearing a nightgown for many days in a row. It felt so awesome to put some make-up and nice clothes on. And to be honest we paid a visit to Ikea yesterday because I was so fed up with being at home and I felt good. 
Now it's time to break up this relationship between me and Netflix which has become quite close friend to me over the days (what a pity). Tomorrow the work is calling... Trailer park boys entertained me perfectly. 

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  1. Huh, kuulostaa perin ikävältä. Onneksi se meni ohitse! Ihana pusero <3