sunnuntai 8. huhtikuuta 2018

Sane in insane world

A weekend disappeared again too quickly over and I kind of feel a little bit Sunday blue like quite often these days. I had the nice weekend though I didn't do anything specific. I read a lot of law text because I'm preparing for the entrance exam. I also finished the new dress and took a few pictures of it which I introduce you later. 

Of course I relaxed too and read this one magnificent piece that has occupied my bookcase for years.  At the same this story is one of my favorite movie. Girl Interrupted; I recommend you all if the subject enthralls you. 
I also watched one of my favorite brainless series these days: Trailer Park Boys. It's something which make me laugh and gets me forget all the troubles which try to inhabit my mind. My beloved introduced me to that series a good time ago. 
Today I decided that the summer is coming and I packed most of my winter coats and carried them into the basement. It was such a vernal weather and the sun gave heat from the sky. I also enjoyed the weather by sitting on the balcony because it was possible without freezing reaction. Although I'm a child of darkness, I'm waiting for the summer right now. 

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