lauantai 4. kesäkuuta 2016

Lost in Stockholm

Hello lovelies! Finally I have time to come and update a blog. A week has been such a crazy and hectic because I have operated with two jobs, but fortunately it starts getting easier now. Today I have a day off and I will go to see Lasten Hautausmaa to Vastavirta with my beloved. 

A week ago on Friday I left for Stockholm which is one of my favorite city on this planet. I traveled with Roller Derby team that had  a match against Stockholm. I went there just for fun to hang out. I would like to revisit to Stockholm during the summer and we already planned a small trip with my other half. 
I love the street views in Stockholm. There is just so lovely streets and buildings that I would like to wander there with my camera and snap the pictures forever. 
We went to eat delicious veggie food to Chutney. The restaurant is situated in Södermalm. I can recommend the place for you if you move in these corners. 
Hope to meet Stockholm soon again 

4 kommenttia:

  1. I'd love to visit Stockholm one day! It looks like an amazing city! <3

    1. I love Stockholm and should visit there more often when the distance is so short. Hope you get a chance to go there :)

  2. germany and sweden! lucky you! hope you got some rest in there.... beautiful photos of stockholm!