keskiviikko 3. elokuuta 2016


Over these days I've enjoyed the thunder and beautiful evenings which have followed on them. A few nights ago I went to the beach after finishing a shift at work and the scenery was this:
 A clock pointed ten pm and it was a strapping storm earlier in the day. Swimming in the lake felt exotic experience while a vapour was arising from the surface and the water was so warm. I only cursed that I didn't have my proper camera with my in that moment. 
I have also been eating waffles with my sweetie. There is one cafeteria which sells the different waffles and I have visited there  now twice. It's a small and homey place where is nice to pop up every now and then. I have considered to get a proper waffle machine to home. 
Nothing particular has happened. Ordinary days after the next and a lot of hanging outdoors, a lot of  workout too when I have visited swimming nearly every day and the new gym is like a second home to me. Today I also did pole dancing after a too long break and it didn't work at all. I can do those old moves well, but it would be nice to learn something new, but learning home alone is so difficult. Perhaps I will find the inspiration back at some point.

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