perjantai 12. elokuuta 2016

In a heart of beautiful houses and paths

There is that one beautiful city which steals my heart after each visit: Stockholm. So close to Finland and not much bigger as Helsinki, but still very different as a soul. We had a chance to spend time there this week and after arriving at home I could already leave back there. Here is a few pictures I took at dawn when streets were free of people and the sun was rising up. These pictures were taken at old town which is one of my favorite place in Stockholm. It was particularly excellent moment to take the pictures when we were on the go early. I will return to the subject later, everything didn't run right as we planned but however we had a blast. 

6 kommenttia:

  1. Heh, noista kujista tulee mieleen joku Harry Potter elokuva. :D Meilläkin on ollut suunnitelmissa käydä lähiviikkoina Tukholmassa, olisi niin monta kauppaa siellä missä haluaisi käydä...

    1. Mulla taas puolestaan tulee mieleen joku Viiltäjä Jackin aikainen Lontoo :>

  2. Such beautiful photographs I have always wanted to visit Sweden.

  3. Upeita kuvia! Tukholmassa on kyllä niin paljon tunnelmallisia katuja jollaisia ei juurikaan Helsingissä näe.