keskiviikko 17. elokuuta 2016


I managed to have six days off now which is nice because I haven't had much spare time recently in my life. In honor of that I decided to re-organize my bedroom today. I moved a year ago into this flat and since that I have kept the same order up. I'm quite lazy to change the order of home, somehow it always feels weird after re-arranging so I have usually kept the same order from the beginning to the end.

 Now after pondering for months I wanted to try a different style and it's actually quite comfy. I was a bit insecure is it useful to put the bed in front of windows, but this way I managed to have more space to the room. I spend quite much time in the bed: I sleep there, I read there, I use my computer there and I eat there (yep bad habits) so now it's easier to watch through the window when the bed is here. If you are eager to see how the room looked before click here 

I haven't bought anything new into this room. Only a bedspread is new which I bought the last winter. 
What do you like?

8 kommenttia:

  1. Näyttää tosi kivalta. :) Oon vähän kade tosta taulukollaasista.

  2. It looks way better than before. It's true that there is more space now :)

  3. #flatgoals
    It is really dark and elegant <3

  4. Wow, I wish I had the option to creat my commune-room by myself. Its just beautyful and way better than before :) My bed was my zone of Life too :D I ate there, I worked there, slept there and visitors sat there. :D

    Have much fun in your new old room :)
    Wishes > sara