maanantai 15. elokuuta 2016

You're spinnin 'round, going nowhere

A dark shadow touched our journey for we had a particular reason why to travel to Stockholm: The Cult, but the band cancelled their show and our adventure turned out to be a shopping vacation instead of the rock gig at Gröna Lund. This misfortune annoyed a little bit of course because I have ever seen The Cult and I have ever visited Gröna Lund. But I enjoyed Stockholm however, but in a different way as I was planned. Hope there would be some good performers the next summer at GL; I would like to experience the venue for once in my life.
Mostly we were hanging around the city center and looking for the good record stores and in the end I ended up bringing a bunch of vinyls to home. A bad side is that my player is broken, but I try to get it fixed soon. I also wasted coins on the cosmetic because Sweden seems to be a promised land of a cosmetic hamster. 
Now I'm back at home again and I quit my job yesterday which I did over the summer. The new winds are gonna blow and the life goes on... somewhere.

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