maanantai 29. elokuuta 2016

Memorias mortuorum

A few page to go and I've finished this quite interesting book which I recently borrowed in my visit a library: Still Alice. It's a story about Alice who finds to know that she has a terrible disease which will destroy her whole life that she has built so hard. Alice is fifty-years-old psychology professor at Harvard, a mom to her adult children and a loving wife to her husband. So to say: She is perfect. She is proud of her successful career, her intelligence and her linguistic abilities which all are everything to her - until the doctor tells that she has an early-onset Alzheimer's disease which will take everything away from her a piece by piece until there is left a body without the mind. 

I ended up reading the book for a reason that I've always been interested in neurological and mental diseases and recently I've been working with patients who has Alzheimer diagnose. I also watched the film which followed the plot quite well. At least this story let me think how quickly everything can change and everything you appreciate can disappear. Somehow Alice even annoyed me a little bit, she was too perfect and it felt that she has got everything. She also tried to push her life style to her daughter who wanted to follow her heart to become an actor - not academic - and I hate the persons who act this way. All in all the book was a tragic  story  inside the beautiful frames about the life with Alzheimer's disease - and it made me doubt that I have it too. I forget things all the time and my memory has always been like a slow hard disk which is stuck every now and then. If someone tells me to go buy three things... I probably remember two of them. 

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