Monday, 29 August 2016

Memorias mortuorum

A few page to go and I've finished this quite interesting book which I recently borrowed in my visit a library: Still Alice. It's a story about Alice who finds to know that she has a terrible disease which will destroy her whole life that she has built so hard. Alice is fifty-years-old psychology professor at Harvard, a mom to her adult children and a loving wife to her husband. So to say: She is perfect. She is proud of her successful career, her intelligence and her linguistic abilities which all are everything to her - until the doctor tells that she has an early-onset Alzheimer's disease which will take everything away from her a piece by piece until there is left a body without the mind. 

I ended up reading the book for a reason that I've always been interested in neurological and mental diseases and recently I've been working with patients who has Alzheimer diagnose. I also watched the film which followed the plot quite well. At least this story let me think how quickly everything can change and everything you appreciate can disappear. Somehow Alice even annoyed me a little bit, she was too perfect and it felt that she has got everything. She also tried to push her life style to her daughter who wanted to follow her heart to become an actor - not academic - and I hate the persons who act this way. All in all the book was a tragic  story  inside the beautiful frames about the life with Alzheimer's disease - and it made me doubt that I have it too. I forget things all the time and my memory has always been like a slow hard disk which is stuck every now and then. If someone tells me to go buy three things... I probably remember two of them. 

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Autumn falls

I feel the autumn in my bones and I can smell it in the air. This morning was that chilly that I needed to wrap the leather jacket on for the first time. While driving in the wind through the city I put a note how much leaves there already was on the ground. I can't wait for seeing trees in the shades of fall and then it's time to pick up the camera and go to seek the beautiful views to the film. I enjoy the summer these days, but the autumn is still my very favorite season.

Here is my Saturday's night look. Ripped knitting on after a long time and my favorite stocking cap with a bobble. Red lips are of course what else as Kat Von D and I'm so in love with that product. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Be afraid, be very afraid It's Wednesday again

A short post about a top which I finished the previous week. Black and white combination has always pleased my eyes and if there is a touch of Wednesday spirit along it's not a bad side at all ;) The top is made of an ordinary cotton and the collar is detachable which maintains its better as white. I considered making more collars in different colors, but I came to the result that white is the only color I most likely wear. I would like to sew more the clothes like this! 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Girl I want to die with you, in each others arms we'll drown in flame

A few pictures about my yesterday's look when I went to see burlesque to the local restaurant.  After a long time I had a chance to attend the burlesque night and once again I enjoyed what I saw. A fun and interesting form of art which really entertains. I put on Queen of Darkness' dress and Parikka's shoes which I have barely worn during the summer. 
Dress: Queen of Darkness, Shoes: Minna Parikka

I have a nice week behind me. For once I had time to focus on my favorite things like sewing, reading, movies, gym and photography, but now the days off are over so far and running in the wheel continues. I'm looking forward to the next vacation which comes in October. About eight weeks to go! Hope you all had a good weekend I will return soon :)

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Kat Von D Beauty

My first thought after hearing about Kat von D's intention to create a cosmetic brand was "oh again some celebrity who wants to get more money and fame is creating an own cosmetic brand" but then I was thinking closer: Kat has always had a cool way to use make up, perhaps she would be able to create something which really works. I decided to read people's reviews about the products and they promised fairly much. In Finland it's not possible to buy these products (which is a huge shame) so I had to travel to Sweden to get a closer view of these. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to spend in the store when my beloved was with me and you now: a man in a cosmetic boutique... I tried to act quickly. In the end I ended up picking these two matte lipsticks which are awesome. Most likely the best lipstick I have ever used. I like the matte lipsticks and these are so easy to spread and no liner is needed. In addition they feel good and stay pretty well. It's such annoying that these aren't available in Finland and cannot be order either. Perhaps it's a enough good reason to travel Sweden then ;)

I wasn't able to avoid Victoria Secret's store in the ship. I have at least ten scents in the locker and I always end up getting them more...  but I've used this every day since I got it ;)
Have you tried Kat Von D Beauty?

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


I managed to have six days off now which is nice because I haven't had much spare time recently in my life. In honor of that I decided to re-organize my bedroom today. I moved a year ago into this flat and since that I have kept the same order up. I'm quite lazy to change the order of home, somehow it always feels weird after re-arranging so I have usually kept the same order from the beginning to the end.

 Now after pondering for months I wanted to try a different style and it's actually quite comfy. I was a bit insecure is it useful to put the bed in front of windows, but this way I managed to have more space to the room. I spend quite much time in the bed: I sleep there, I read there, I use my computer there and I eat there (yep bad habits) so now it's easier to watch through the window when the bed is here. If you are eager to see how the room looked before click here 

I haven't bought anything new into this room. Only a bedspread is new which I bought the last winter. 
What do you like?

Monday, 15 August 2016

You're spinnin 'round, going nowhere

A dark shadow touched our journey for we had a particular reason why to travel to Stockholm: The Cult, but the band cancelled their show and our adventure turned out to be a shopping vacation instead of the rock gig at Gröna Lund. This misfortune annoyed a little bit of course because I have ever seen The Cult and I have ever visited Gröna Lund. But I enjoyed Stockholm however, but in a different way as I was planned. Hope there would be some good performers the next summer at GL; I would like to experience the venue for once in my life.
Mostly we were hanging around the city center and looking for the good record stores and in the end I ended up bringing a bunch of vinyls to home. A bad side is that my player is broken, but I try to get it fixed soon. I also wasted coins on the cosmetic because Sweden seems to be a promised land of a cosmetic hamster. 
Now I'm back at home again and I quit my job yesterday which I did over the summer. The new winds are gonna blow and the life goes on... somewhere.

Friday, 12 August 2016

In a heart of beautiful houses and paths

There is that one beautiful city which steals my heart after each visit: Stockholm. So close to Finland and not much bigger as Helsinki, but still very different as a soul. We had a chance to spend time there this week and after arriving at home I could already leave back there. Here is a few pictures I took at dawn when streets were free of people and the sun was rising up. These pictures were taken at old town which is one of my favorite place in Stockholm. It was particularly excellent moment to take the pictures when we were on the go early. I will return to the subject later, everything didn't run right as we planned but however we had a blast. 

Saturday, 6 August 2016

She sells sanctuary

One attire I wore the other day and wanted to share with you. The current summer has gone with really reduced garments. Perhaps I'm just getting elder when all graphic lines in their simplicity please my eyes. To be honest I have a big bunch of garments waiting for getting for sale. My wardrobe is overloaded and it's damn difficult to find anything from there and I hate those pieces I never wear. Updating of the closet is good to do every now and then and I haven't done it for ages. Usually I go through all my property each time  when I move (and I move often... I've never spent over two years in a same flat) ,but the last move a year ago came so suddenly that I didn't have time to undergo the contents of lockers.
Dress: H&M, Shoes: Vagabond, Bag: Second hand, Necklace: Etsy, Belt: Killstar
My weekend goes at work which is a bit shame thus there would be several events that I wanted to attend, but the great thing is that Sweden is calling us on Monday. We are going to spend a mini vacation there with my love before my studies begins. I have spent a whole summer at work and the autumn won't look any better what comes to the spare time.. actually it's worst, but I don't want to whine too much, it's good to have a job these days and I enjoy the work most of the time.

I have technical problems with my laptop and actually I'm writing this post by using my old computer which runs too slowly and it's partly broken. I don't have inspiration to solve the problems of the machine at all so let's see when I have the chance to blog the next time. So don't wonder if the blog stays quite for the next days.. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Over these days I've enjoyed the thunder and beautiful evenings which have followed on them. A few nights ago I went to the beach after finishing a shift at work and the scenery was this:
 A clock pointed ten pm and it was a strapping storm earlier in the day. Swimming in the lake felt exotic experience while a vapour was arising from the surface and the water was so warm. I only cursed that I didn't have my proper camera with my in that moment. 
I have also been eating waffles with my sweetie. There is one cafeteria which sells the different waffles and I have visited there  now twice. It's a small and homey place where is nice to pop up every now and then. I have considered to get a proper waffle machine to home. 
Nothing particular has happened. Ordinary days after the next and a lot of hanging outdoors, a lot of  workout too when I have visited swimming nearly every day and the new gym is like a second home to me. Today I also did pole dancing after a too long break and it didn't work at all. I can do those old moves well, but it would be nice to learn something new, but learning home alone is so difficult. Perhaps I will find the inspiration back at some point.