sunnuntai 26. maaliskuuta 2017

And once the pain goes away, that's when the real battle starts

I was about to write this much earlier, but the week gave so much more as I assumed so this post comes now. The outfit pictures were taken on Tuesday when I was off and able to put effort on clothing and make up. In a long time I painted lips in black and it looked gorgeous, I put my granny hat on and wore a necklace for the first time which I found in a gothic flea market the last time when it was arranged. I doubt it's from ReStyle, but I'm not 100% sure about it. 
I bought a bunch of roses on Monday because I just deserved them. Unfortunately they withered already as usual, so quickly which is shame, but at least I got to enjoy them for a few days. I finished my studies with great grades and now there will be more spare time at least so far. I haven't talked here much, but I have been a student since 2015 and in addition it I have visited the work so my life has been really hectic. Now I want to give some time to myself until I start a new page in my life. I want to concentrate on sewing, photography, languages and books and oh there is just so much to do that I don't know from where to start. 
So what I have been doing in this week. Mainly I have been at work, but I also went to photograph a few gigs on Thursday evening which was fun though I was quite tired after being eight hours at a busy shift. I got some nice shots although my concentration wasn't in a best level and the second band played so loudly that I was sure to be deaf by the morning. Nice evening and less nice morning after short sleeps. 
Today I have been just lazy. I visited a gym in the morning, but most of the time I have been lying on a bed with Netflix. We also watched Trainspotting with my beloved. We both wanted to see it before watching the second one which we are about to go see in a coming week.  I didn't remember at all how yucky that film is, but still good. Have you already seen the newest one? Did you like it or not? 

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