torstai 16. maaliskuuta 2017

Close to the flame

Good evening! I do have a busy week again, but I took a bit time for myself on Monday when my  other half suggested to have a walk on afternoon. We once again ended up drinking coffee to a nearby observation tower which sells the best doughnuts in the world. It's so deceptive: hey, let's have a walk... mmm there would be that nice cafeteria, perhaps we could pop out there too.. However these outfit pictures are from Monday. It was a perfect moment to take the pictures when the sun was coming down.
Last evening I paid a  visit to Klubi when I was asked for coming take pictures. Once again problems get in with a camera although my name was mentioned on the list (doormen are quite often rude there and impolite and they have a quite poor customer service skills. Typical Finnish souls... ) However me and my camera got in and I enjoyed photographing. Unfortunately I didn't have time to see the last band due to the early morning. I'd have wanted to check them too because they played Kingston Wall, but I didn't want to be tired today 'cause I had an important day.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Donuts and coffee...sounds good to me! Very nice photos too!

    Hei, aattelin linkata ton videon kun siinä on käytetty kuvaasi (nu goth kommentoinnin yhteydessä) eikä kuvan alkuperästä ole mainintaa.

    1. kiits. varmasti jokainen blogissani esiintynyt kuva löytyy pinterestistä, joten jengi luulee niiden olevan vapaata riistaa :/ :)